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MMXS Mega Mini Cross Stitch by Makoto Oozu Charts & Books - Book

This new book from Japanese cross stitch sensation Makoto Oozu is packed with hundreds of tiny motifs that can be stitched onto anything from badges and hankies to T-shirts and bags. You will find it impossible to choose a favourite!

The book is arranged by themes inspired by all aspects of everyday life. Take a trip to the toyshop with teddies, dinosaurs, cars, trains and computer games. Make sure you’re on trend with sunglasses, watches, socks, jewellery and makeup. Visit the shoe shop with different trainer designs as well as cowboy boots, high heels and sandals. Keep yourself active with boxing gloves, tennis rackets, balls, ice skates and skis. Stitch up your friends by choosing from different faces and hairstyles. Go wild with dogs, cats, birds and fish. Fill up on cakes, ice creams, sushi, spaghetti, doughnuts, wine, beer and biscuits. Get your five-a-day with carrots, radishes, chillies, bananas, cherries, a pineapple and a watermelon. Enjoy your free time with TVs, cassette tapes, cameras, sewing equipment and tools.

With step-by-step cross stitch instructions for beginners, as well as tips for stitching onto different fabrics, be warned: this is an addictive hobby! Once you start, you will soon be stitching these super awesome motifs onto anything and everything.
About Makoto Oozu
Makoto Oozu began a career as an independent cross stitch designer after graduating from university and working in a craft shop. He has revolutionised the cross stitch world with his fresh designs, making cross stitch more accessible to young women and men. He lives in Tokyo, where he runs his design company, Oozu Inc, and he teaches cross stitch workshops all over Japan.

Paperback - 96 pages covering 900 motifs
Size - 180x254 mm

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MMXS Mega Mini Cross Stitch by Makoto Oozu
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