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25ct Magic Guide Evenweave Fabric by DMC - Standard Size Evenweave, Linen & Hardanger - Magic Guide/Easy Count - 25ct

The term evenweave refers to the fabric having an even number of weft and warp threads per inch. Warp threads run the entire length of the fabric, while the weft threads run side-to-side, from selvage to selvage. The thread count for evenweave fabrics is determined by this number – for example, 25-count Evenweave fabric has 25 vertical warp threads and 25 horizontal weft threads per inch of fabric. The higher the count number the finer and closer the weave will be. These fabrics are generally stitched over and up 2 threads for counted cross stitch. The common term for this technique is simply called “over two threads.”

To make your stitching even easier, DMC have a 25ct Magic Guide Evenweave which has a red grid with perfectly parallel lines. The red grid will wash easily away when you are done with your embroidery.
Magic Evenweave is perfect for beginners to use a guide, or for an expert wanting to save time. Heaven and Earth Designs recommend it for their projects and it is great for large stitchery projects.

In stock in WHITE only.

Also available as Cut to Size.

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25ct Magic Guide Evenweave Fabric by DMC - Standard Size
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1 item(s) found. [1]


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